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General Reference

Chemistry Lab Notebook

Chemistry Lab Notebook

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100 Carbonless Sets

Copy Paper Perforated

Molarity of Concentrated Reagents Chart

Common Solvent Chart

Periodic Table

Lab Safety Ruldes

Information Tables Inside back Cover

     Common Units and Measurements

     Conversion Between Scales

     Common Functional Groups

     Temperature Scales

     Metric Prefixes

     Enthalpy Changes Involving Water

     General Physical Constrants

      Conversion Factors

      Electromagnetic Spectrum

Outside Back Cover Tables

     Table of Chemical Shifts

      Concentrations of Reagents

      Data Manipulations

      Vapor Pressure of Ice and Water at Various Temperatures

      Classification of Various Aromatic Substituents

      Average Bond Energy of Single Bonds(kJ/mol)

     Water Solvent Constants

New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 Word 2019 Comprehensive

New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 Word 2019 Comprehensive

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