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Medical Coding ICD-10-CM

Medical Coding ICD-10-CM

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Updated for 2018 ICD-10 CM (International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification) guidelines, this 6 page laminated guide covers core essentials of coding clearly and succinctly. Author Shelley C. Safian, PhD, RHIA, CCS-P, COC, CPC-I, AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainer used her knowledge and experience to provide the largest number of valuable facts you can find in 6 pages, designed for you to find answers fast with color coded sections, and bulleted lists. A must for students seeking coding certification and a great desktop refresher for professionals for classifying and coding diagnoses, symptoms and procedures recorded in conjunction with hospital care.
6-page laminated guide includes:
  • General Coding Conventions & Official Guidelines
  • Instructional Notations
  • Chapter-Specific Official Guidelines
  • Selection of Principal Diagnosis
  • Reporting Additional Diagnoses
  • Diagnostic Coding & Reporting Guidelines for Outpatient Services
  • Steps to Coding Diagnoses
  • Using the ICD-10-CM Manual
  • Documentation of Complications of Care
  • Rules of Compliance
  • External Cause Codes
  • Sequencing Multiple Codes Correctly
  • What to Code & What Not to Code
  • The Process of Abstracting
  • Medical Coding ICD-10-PCS
  • Selection of Principal Procedure
  • ICD-10-PCS Coding Conventions
  • ICD-10-PCS Sections & Subsections
  • Medical & Surgical Section: Guidelines
  • Obstetrics Section: Guidelines
  • New Technology Section: Guidelines
  • ICD-10-PCS Terms
  • Medical Math

    Medical Math

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    Calculations, formulas, measurements, conversions, dosages, rates, equivalents and more are expertly organized in this 6 page laminated reference guide with clear color coded sections and easy to read layout. You can find your answer fast as a medical professional or a medical student on the job or in the classroom. Author Dr. Shelley C. Safian is a professor and author of six textbooks and multiple best selling QuickStudy reference guides.
    Topics covered include:

  • Measurement Basics
  • Calculations & Formulas
  • Apothecary System
  • Laboratory Measures
  • Reimbursement Calculators
  • Health-Care Operating Indicators
  • Coding Measurements
  • Burns - Adults, Children, Infants
  • Coding Excision of Lesions, Laceration & Wound Repair
  • Pediatric Definitions
  • Dosage Calculators
  • Expected Growth Rates
  • APGAR Scoring for Newborns
  • Clinical Indicators
  • Respiration, Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output, Stroke Symptoms, Hemodynamic Parameters, Blood Flow Rate, Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Body Mass Index (BMI), Cardiac Assessment
  • Vital Signs Table by Age
  • Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment
  • Pulse Rates by Age & Pulse Volume Variations
  • Pain Scale, Aldrete Score/Postanesthetic Recovery Score, Electrolytes & Imbalance
  • Levels & Calculations, Arterial & Venous Blood Normal Values, Dosage Calculations, Arterial Blood Gases: Normal Values, Edema Rating Scale, Deep Tendon Reflexes Grading, Muscle Strength, Body Surface Area
  • Intravenous Drip & Flow Rates
  • Needle Lengths & Gauges
  • Lung Volume & Capacities, Respiratory Management
  • Home Health Care Group Severity Levels
  • Heart Failure Classifications
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
  • Trauma Score
  • Titration Table
  • Medical Terminolgy The Basics

    Medical Terminolgy The Basics

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    Essential terminology for study in any medically related field and a reference for professionals that can be stored and accessed quickly. Covering more terms per page than any book or website this six page laminated guide also covers the breakdown of medical words using the prefix, root, and suffix that will help decoding terms. Organized alphabetically and in color separated tables this tool for pre-med, nursing, EMT, imaging, pharmacology, medical coding and more has been a best-seller for twenty years with millions in print. Laminated for durability, this inexpensive reference can easily last a lifetime.
    6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Foundation of Medical Words
  • Human Body Words
  • Terminology Sets
  • Directional Terms
  • Five rrh's
  • Numerical Values
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Pathogens
  • Colors
  • Five Senses
  • Synonyms
  • Glossary of Terms - Alphabetically (3+ pages)
  • Medical Terminology QuickStudy Booklet

    Medical Terminology QuickStudy Booklet

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    The new QuickStudy Booklets cover the key information on some of the toughest courses today, helping students boost their grades. The books are presented in the clear, concise format readers have come to expect from QuickStudy.

    Covers every aspect of medical terminology related to the body and its use in the field. Helps decode medical terminology, including basic term sets, abbreviations, acronyms and more.



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    The study of the vast majority of living organisms, which happen to be smaller than the eye can see. This reference answers the most important questions that form the foundation of Microbiology within 6 laminated pages. Author, professor and researcher in the filed of Biology Dr. Frank Miskevich produced this fact-filled reference to support students at any level. Carry this core material in a handy format to use beyond the course and into higher level and career courses, then even further into your working life as a refresher. With many diagrams in a small package, you will not need to crack the textbook to review and refresh to boost test scores and retention for the lowest price you will see for such an effective tool.
    6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Organisms & Evolution
  • Bacteria
  • Archaea
  • Eukaryotes
  • Viruses
  • Shapes & Types - with illustrations
  • Bacterial & Archeal Cell Shapes
  • Growth Characteristics
  • Eukaryotic Types
  • Microbiological Methods
  • Safety First
  • Microscopy & Staining (illustration)
  • Culture Media, Colonies & Streaking
  • Replication & Reproduction
  • DNA Replication (illustration)
  • Asexual Fungal Replication (illustration)
  • Sexual Fungal Reproduction
  • Microbial Growth Phases
  • Viral Replication
  • Metabolism
  • Energy Sources
  • Glycolysis & Gluconeogenesis (illustration)
  • Fermentation or Krebs Cycle
  • Electron Transport Chain (illustration)
  • Photosynthesis Light & Dark Reactions (illustration)
  • Specialized Metabolism
  • Central Dogma
  • DNA is Transcribed into RNA
  • Types of RNA
  • mRNA is Translated into Proteins
  • Bacterial Gene Regulation
  • Beneficial or Pathogenic?
  • Bacteria in Food Preparation
  • Koch's Postulates to Identify Pathogens
  • Zoonotic Pathogens
  • Human Microbes
  • Industrial Microbes
  • Immunity & Resistance
  • Adaptive Immune System
  • Innate Immune System
  • Antibiotics
  • Drugs Against Other Microbes (illustrations)

  • Suggested uses:
  • Students - especially relevant for those majoring in science or a health care related field
  • Quick Reference - instead of digging into the textbook to find a core answer you need while studying, use the guide to reinforce quickly and repeatedly
  • Memory - refreshing your memory repeatedly is a foundation of studying, have the core answers handy so you can focus on understanding the concepts
  • Test Prep - no student should be cramming, but if you are, there is no better tool for that final review
  • Microeconomics(Updated)


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    With the economy currently in turmoil, understanding how businesses and consumers interact is more important than ever--for business owners and students of economics, alike. A handy, fluff-free resource tool, our 3-panel (6-page) guide simplifies the world of microeconomics through the use of definitions, formulas and full-color tables and charts.
    Microsoft Excel 2016 Formulas

    Microsoft Excel 2016 Formulas

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    Quick and easy 6 page laminated guide focuses on creating and using formulas efficiently and effectively in Excel 2016. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, formulas are Excel's superpower that can be yours. Curtis Frye, author of multiple books on Excel, creator of many videos and an experienced corporate trainer used his experience and knowledge to cover the most relevant use of formulas for users at different levels. Look for Excel 2016, Excel 2016 "Tips and Tricks", "Advanced" and "Pivot Tables" QuickStudy guides to have a complete power-user reference set.

    Suggested uses:
    o Workplace - flat for easy storage and access at a moments notice to find a formula function you need to use, or to jog your memory for a function you do not use often
    o Company Training - reduce help-desk calls and keep productivity flowing for a team or for your entire company Students/Professors - make lives easier for students in many majors needing Excel for data management and calculation
    Microsoft Excel 365 2019 Tip & Tricks

    Microsoft Excel 365 2019 Tip & Tricks

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    Quick and easy answers to the essentials of Excel, handy enough to keep you working without Internet searches or long videos. Our author and expert Curtis Frye owns a corporate training company specifically for Excel, is also a LinkedIn Learning video author (formerly and a Microsoft author. The ability to choose what is covered in this reference comes from his vast experience working directly with users. This expertise is streamlined through clear and succinct answers provided to help accomplish tasks. Includes labeled screen grabs and icons in a color-coded design. Durable and portable, this 6 page laminated guide can be stored and accessed quickly so you can find what you need fast. Corporations ranging from Ford Motor Company to the FBI have purchased QuickStudy software guides for their employee's workspace to improve productivity and reduce support calls.
    6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Managing Excel
  • Selecting Cells & Navigating Efficiently
  • Summarizing Data Efficiently
  • Verifying Data Entry Using Data Validation Rules
  • Auditing Formulas
  • Organizing Data Using Named Ranges & Tables
  • Optimizing Data Display
  • Applying Cell Formats
  • Managing Lists of Values
  • Managing Hyperlinks
  • Managing Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Muscular Orgins Insertions

    Muscular Orgins Insertions

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    Beautifully illustrated sections of the human body from various views, labeled clearly for easy reference.

    Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez.

    Muscular System Advanced

    Muscular System Advanced

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    Studying the muscular system in detail will be a cinch with our comprehensive, six-panel guide. All areas of the body--from head to toe--have been illustrated and labeled in full color by award-winning artist Vincent Perez. Featuring deep layers and multiple views, this guide promotes better understanding and higher grades!