Store Policies

Gaston College Return Policies

  • Receipt is required....NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • E-Books are non-refundable.....NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Textbooks must be returned within 10 business days from first day of class or from purchase date
  • If textbooks contain access codes those codes cannot have been opened or accessed
  • If textbooks are sealed in plastic they must be returned in same condition
  • New textbooks cannot have been highlighted or marked in to be eligible for return
  • Any items packaged with textbook must be returned with textbook
  • Textbooks must be from current semester
  • Continuing Education textbooks are only returnable if course is cancelled.
  • All merchandise purchased other than textbooks are non-returnable.
  • Loose Leaf Textbooks and other Loose Leaf Class Materials must be unopened.
  • Laptops are non-returnable
  • Textbooks cannot have water damage of any kind.
  • If you order a textbook online the same rules above apply as far as returns are concerned. Shipping charges will not be refunded.
  • If you do not pick up your online order and we cannot reach you by telephone or if we leave several messages with no results we will put the textbooks back on the shelf. No refund can be issued.
  • Online textbook returns cannot be credited without the credit card.  You will need to bring in store or contact store with credit card information.
  • Contact the bookstore at 704-922-6428 if you have any questions.