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TI BAII Plus Calculator

TI BAII Plus Calculator
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The #1 best-selling calculator for business students needs the #1 quick reference guide by its side to help you use the functions you will need for class or for use in the office. In just 6 laminated pages the functions are here along with many sample problems walking you through steps in our quick no-nonsense format that lets you get straight to work with less reading. This very portable, easy to access and durable guide can be stored easily and will last forever, so at this price it's just as easy to add this tool to your business toolbox.
6-page laminate guide includes:
  • Basics
  • Changing the Battery
  • Resetting the Calculator
  • Format Menu Items
  • Scientific Calculations
  • Statistics Worksheet
  • Financial & Business Calculations
  • Time Value of Money Worksheet
  • Amortization Worksheet
  • Cashflow Worksheet
  • Bond Worksheet
  • Depreciation Worksheet
  • Percent Change Compound Interest
  • Interest Conversion
  • Profit Margin
  • Breakeven
  • Memory Worksheet
  • Sample Problems with How To
  • Percent Change & Growth Rate Sample Problem
  • Compound Interest Sample Problem
  • Profit Margin Sample Problem
  • Breakeven Sample Problem
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Sample Problem
  • Loan Sample Problem
  • Bond Sample Problem
  • Depreciation Sample Problem
  • Statistics Sample Problem: One Variable
  • Statistics Sample Problem: Linear Regression
  • Memory Worksheet Sample Problem: Portfolio Standard Deviation
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